Topic outline

  • Laboratory Competence and Management Training Courses 實驗室能力與管理培訓課程

    Why the laboratory needs to improve their competence and management?

    1. Risk-based thinking, i.e. failure on testing 
    2. Service compliance with industrial legislation, i.e. food, drugs, information security, privacy...
    3. Legal compliance
    4. Government regulation
    5. Contractual requirements, 
    6. Technically sounds and effective, i.e. test reports
    7. Market competition, i.e. competitor

    Learn how to manage testing laboratory by training with our experts.

    The international standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005 sets out the General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories, also call laboratories management system (LMS).

    Our ISO/IEC 17025 training courses follow a structure to help you familiarize yourself with the standard, understand how to implement a LMS, and how to audit it. 

    Base on ISO/IEC 17025, we are offering a serious of training programmes to help our customer improve LMS, the training programmes includes, but not limited to following: